Decentralized Data Center Protocol with Micro-payment

HOP is the only protocol in the world that comes with micro-payment and is officially commercialized. Its birth can provide absolutely secured access to terminal nodes for any business related to decentralized Data Center.

How HOP Works

Our protocol is built for the decentralized data center

You can trust us for the bandwidth and data mining.

Create HOP Pool

Provide your internet bandwidth and install Pool client in your home server or Raspberry Pi.

List Your Pool

Show your customer the pool name as well as the price per GB.

Get Paid

Payment is sent to the payout wallet immediately when customer uses your pool.

Get Third-party Miner

Advertising your pool and attract third-party miners to join to make more profits


Follow the latest developments of HOP Protocol in real time

Regarding the delayed announcement on HOP

The initial version of HOP storage system has passed the test, the official technical team has started to interface with commercial business, commercial applications will be the driving force to push HOP to go on for a long time!
At the same time, in order to make HOP have a satisfactory market value performance after re-launch, We decided to complete the first phase of commercial application docking and then start to implement the plan!
We plan to be listed on a leading exchange!
Tokens as rewards will be given away !
During the period  coins will still be transferred to everyone as planned monthly
All members with storage and traffic distribution can contact with official email:

Official Announcement

Greeting fellow HOP members:
The first batch of HOP BSC chain transfer is basically completed. For members who exchange after June, we will also speed up the review and complete the first exchange for everyone before June 30! The HOP storage application will also enter the beta test at the end of the month.

We are very grateful to all HOP members for their patience at this stage. HOP will also plan to open the first transaction of the new Token after the exchange in the middle and late July. We will also launch more excellent exchanges besides ZB.

We look forward to creating a better future for HOP together!

New Storage System Announcement:

The HOP distributed storage system is about to be completed. We will start the first public test from the end of June to July. All users are welcome to experience the new encrypted storage experience brought by HOP distributed storage!

Swap Announcement

The HOP swap system has been deployed, and all members who hold HOP (ECR20) can start the swap process through the swap system. The official swap link is:
Before entering the swap process, please make sure that your swap address has passed the swap whitelist review. If you have not applied for the whitelist, please send an email to the official email:, and community members can send an email to the community email:, and the community will assist in collecting and reporting to the official!
The email must provide the following:
1: HOP ERC20 address (non-exchange address).
2: The quantity applied for swap must be the same as the quantity in the wallet address.
3: Prepare a BEP20 (BSC wallet address) in advance.
We will transfer the new BEP20 tokens to the wallet address provided by the user before the end of the swap date on May 30th!
In order to cooperate with the launch and development of the HOP distributed storage application, we will adopt a phased release mechanism for this swap. Each phase will release 1/10, divided into 10 phases, and one phase will be released every month!
The first phase will be released on 5/30, and the follow-up will be released on 30th of each month.
The swap ratio of this swap is 1:1, and the total supply of HOP remains unchanged at 420 million after the swap.
With the launch of the HOP distributed storage ecosystem, HOP will open a new chapter!


HOP token exchange plan announcement
The distributed storage protocol based on the BSC chain is currently under development, and the first batch of codes have been uploaded. Chain Token will be exchanged 1:1 for users who have purchased tokens before.
Redemption start date: April 30. End date: May 30, for 1 month. During this period, we will announce the specific exchange link and process before starting the exchange. Please follow the official process to complete the exchange. The trading pair will be closed during the exchange period. We will reopen the trading pair within one week after the exchange period ends.
The exchange plan will be announced with the ZB exchange simultaneously.

Official Announcement

About the current reward test network plan:

The reward testnet will stop on March 31st. For the users who joined the test-net will get the reward coins and which will be released one by one at the end of June. If you have any questions during this period, you can send an email to the official mailbox for consultation. 

Thank you!

Testnet new rules

The first phase of the test network is over, and the number of mining pools has increased significantly. In order to better reward users, we have increased the incentives and updated the reward rules in the second phase, so that more users can have a better experience. The rules are as follows:

Testnet new rules:
Start date: January 1, 2022
The original daily reward will be upgraded from 1200 to 1500 per day. The reward object is all valid mining pools (the valid mining pool with traffic is more than 0.5G per day)
The reward rules are: mining pools Traffic/traffic ratio of the whole network * 1500, the basic reward of the effective mining pool is 1HOP/day!
Mining pool production delivery period: After the testnet ends, the delivery plan will be opened (Please keep following our official website to get specific delivery rules)

New Event

Event: Solicit ideas on the economic model of the HOP mainnet

HOP is currently soliciting economic models for the HOP mainnet stage from major communities. This event will be solicited in the form of emails. If you have a good idea or a good innovation, please submit to us!

Reward: 5000 HOP

Participation channel:

HOP Flow mining test reward rule

HOP flow mining test is stared now! The reward rules for the flow mining test can refer to the following:

Amount of mining pool ≤50 will get:
Basic reward 8 HOP
Amount of mining pool at 50–100 will get:
Basic reward 4 HOP
The total daily reward is 800, divided among the top 100 according to ranking
How to divide up:
The daily amount of the top 100 users who mines accounts for the percentage of the total amount of mining in all 100 mining pools. For example, the first mining: 20, the top 100 total mining is 100, then the first 20 %*800=16 pieces
Amount of mining pool at 100–200 will get:
Basic reward 3 HOP
Amount of mining pool at 200–300 will get:
Basic reward 2 HOP
Amount of mining pool ≥300 will get:
Basic reward 1 HOP
All of amount of mining pool ≥100 will get The total daily reward is 1200, divided among the top 100 according to ranking
How to divide up:
The number of top 100 users who mine daily accounts for the percentage of the total amount of mining in all 100 mining pools. For example, the first mining: 20, the top 100 total mining is 100, then the first 20 %*1200=24 pieces
1HOP/day for airdrops after the 100th place, those who do not enter the ranking will not be counted as airdrop rewards.
Note: the basic flow of the mining pool reaches 0.5G/day, otherwise it will be regarded as an invalid mining pool, will not be included in the ranking, and will not be included in the airdrop activity.
Please contact the email If you have any questions.


News: The deployment of the testnet contract has been completed!

HOP protocol has been deployed on the Ethernet Rinkebytestnet, and the function of the flow APP (IOS) has been completed.
The limited external test will be carried out after Monday!

About HOP private sale

The private placement of HOP tokens is coming soon. And now, more than 20 elite community teams have been docked to jointly promote the development of HOP tokens. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the news on our official website. 

HOP Protocol Application Scenario

The Starlink applications developed based on HOP technology will be able to utilize the advantages of Starlink's three-dimensional networking while embedding distributed micropayments and traffic bandwidth service protocols, which will not only make the entire Starlink network fully encrypted, but also greatly reduce the Network data and fee settlement are delayed.

Compound mining

The HOP protocol will rely on the existing network agent nodes and component distributed file storage system, which can be used as traffic mining to collect users' idle bandwidth, packaged and optimized and distributed to various manufacturers, and can also use the idle hard disk space in the hands of users to achieve a composite application of "traffic mining + storage mining".

Our recent work

First stage:test of Flow mining


Second stage:test of Storage mining


Third stage:the test of HOP mainnet will online


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The Important Application Scenario of HOP CDN server

The privacy-level CDN server based on HOP Protocol is completely anonymous.Providing people with safer,more convenient and stable services in daily life.

More about HOP Protocol


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Releasing first test mainnet


HOP Token pravite sale on hold and network test online


HOP token listed on multiple global exchanges synchronously


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Third-party Pirate IOS dapp Launched based On HOP meanwhile we open first round beta test


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HOP was founded in geek community